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Draft Chapters COMING SOON: Help Guide Implementation

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The C3JV and partners are working to develop a strategic framework and a plan of action, also known as our C3JV Implementation Plan, that will help guide our priorities as we advance conservation for birds, other wildlife and people in the Central Coast. The plan will include chapters for each of our 6 conservation targets and our human wellbeing goals in addition to an overview of the C3JV region and partnership, planning approach. Within each chapter, key habitat associations are described and mapped, focal bird species are selected, important pressures are ranked, goals are established, and strategies are offered as the first building blocks of a successful Joint Venture. Your voice as a partner, stakeholder, practitioner or community member is vital to the success of our approach. If you have thoughts, suggestions or would like to provide input on the Implementation Plan, email

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