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FELLOWSHIP: Envisioning Conservation with Indigenous Communities on California's Central Coast

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

American Bird Conservancy (ABC), an integral partner and fiscal sponsor of the C3JV, has launched a Conservation and Justice Fellowship program to expand the intersections between biodiversity conservation and environmental justice. ABC is offering up to nine paid fellowships focused on storytelling and seek individuals with varied perspectives, personal and professional backgrounds, and areas of expertise. One fellowship project is specific to the C3JV and Central Coast Region, and we are eager and excited to find a suitable Fellow. See the description below, and don't hesitate to reach out to for further questions.

If interested, explore more about the program here, and apply here. Deadline is May 15 (though if you can't make the deadline, reach out to

California Central Coast Joint Venture (C3JV) Fellowship Description: The C3JV is in a building phase as an emerging partnership working to advance strategies that steward healthy and resilient habitats for birds, other wildlife and people. As we work to re-envision conservation as a bridge between human and ecological wellbeing, we seek to develop a modality of conservation that invites, enables, and indeed champions different spaces of interaction (e.g. urban), ways of knowing (e.g. Indigenous) and approaches (e.g. social justice) to expand the sphere of addressing biodiversity loss. In this recognition, engagement with Indigenous Communities becomes central to the work of inclusive conservation in the Central Coast. As a Conservation and Justice Fellow, you would be assisting the C3JV in building the relationships essential to elevating Indigenous voices and visions in the shaping of a conservation approach committed to supporting Indigenous stewardship and sovereignty. Working in collaboration with the C3JV Coordinator, Board and mentors, the Fellow will be empowered to strengthen communication pathways with, and explore the goals and visions of individuals and representatives of native nations; and help to ponder the role of the C3JV in supporting these visions? The Fellow should bring their own goals and aspiration to the work and will be invited to shape the approach in accordance with individual strengths, experiences and relationships. Preference for applicants who identify as Indigenous, and for individuals familiar with the native nations whose homelands compose California's Central Coast.

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