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The California Central Coast Joint Venture advances our conservation mission in different ways, including active project development, building partner capacity through technical and financial assistance, and strengthening our understanding of habitat, species and community needs through research and monitoring.  As the capacity of the Joint Venture continues to grow, future roles of the C3JV may include support of its partners through matching grants, awards and discretionary funding in support of projects identified as top priorities for the C3JV.

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Marbled Murrelet Recovery

California State Parks, US Fish and Wildlife Service, American Bird Conservancy, and Conservation Metrics, in coordination with the California Central Coast Joint Venture among other partners are working to support the recovery of the endangered Marbled Murrelet through leveraged funding of existing activities, continued implementation of the Zone 6 Management Plan Recommendations, and other actions as guided by local partners.  Stay tuned for further updates as this collaborative takes flight.

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Indigenous Partnership Outreach
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Through support from the Landscape Catalyst Fund, the C3JV is developing an outreach strategy to engage Indigenous voices as we together develop a conservation vision for the Central Coast.  With over 20 Indigenous Nations, bands, groups and affiliated communities within the C3JV region, it is the responsibility of the Joint Venture to seek and enable opportunities of exchange between Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners.  In accordance with our strategic goals, building the requisite relationships and trust to strengthen the C3JV's support for Indigenous people in the Central Coast requires a significant commitment to engagement in culturally-informed ways. The C3JV is grateful to the Catalyst Fund for its support and encouragement in this most important of endeavors. 

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